Understanding non-canonical phosphatidylinositol kinases in the maintenance of prostate metabolism

Unlike other tissue types, prostate cell growth and development is heavily dependent on the androgen receptor (AR) signaling pathway. However, other effectors work in conjunction with AR to coordinate key alterations to androgen-dependent tumor biology. In this SNSF-funded project, we are exploring the function of a family of poorly understood lipid kinases called the type II phosphatidylinositol-5- phosphate 4-kinases (PI5P4Ks), and posit that the PI5P4Ks have roles in the control of cellular metabolism that could be pivotal in the regulation of AR in prostate tissue. We are the first group to profile the type II PIP kinases in prostate cancer and will thus establish the foundation for understanding the roles of PI5P4K isoforms in prostate cell biology.

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